Complete start to finish logic production course including track template and vocals.

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Want to be walked through creating a track in Logic Pro X from start to finish?

Perfect, This is exactly the right place for you. 

A complete track from scratch entirely in Logic Pro X

  • Every single step in creating a track 
  • Entirely stock Logic Pro X
  • Project file included
  • Vocals included
  • Match EQ profiles included
  • Right to release and remix included

What You Will Learn

  • A method of working that helps you consistently get tracks written 
  • How to consistently and easily find chords and melodies for a track
  • Multiple way to manipulate and mix vocal tracks
  • Dial in your compression everytime
  • How to remove bad parts of sounds
  • How to highlight the best sounding parts of sounds
  • Gain stage as you to make workflow better later
  • Balance your mix 
  • Use match EQ to profile mixes that you love
  • 100's of Logic Pro X tips and Tricks
  • And so much more

Full Course & Extras

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Complete Solution

  • 30+ Tutorial Videos
  • RAW Vocal Recordings
  • Finished Logic Pro Template
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Bonus Videos and Downloads
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Includes finished track template

During the course we build a track from scratch that included beautiful vocals sung by Heather. This project comes as part of joining the course.

Broken up into my 4 main work phases 

1. Creative Phase
2. Creative Mix Phase
2. Fixing and Mixing Phase
3. ReArrange and Master

Over 30 videos to take you from an empty project and follow my process to a finished track, With the included project file you can follow along and see the exact project that's been created. 
then using what you learn create your own entirely new version. 

About Your Instructor


Electronic music artist & Content creator for Waves AudioIK Multimedia & Music Tech Student and Founder of Warrior Sound.
Scott has produced well over 1000 videos for a variety of company brands all in the niche of audio. Alongside this he produces music under the alias of "Unders" and "Warrior Sound Beats" and has produced a number of artist as well as mixing and mastering duties. Having a deeper understanding of the multiple ways to monetize music he is able to create multiple income streams from a single track.

You can find lot of content over at youtube around various music production subjects

Lee Parsons

"Got a lot of time for your teaching style"

Get on making your music now

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