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Are you finding it hard to gain traction on Spotify in the modern music business?
Feel like Spotify marketing isn't worth the time for the payout?

I get it, music marketing can be tough. I thought like this at one time too. I even considered going to a record label, Not anymore though.

Now I see Spotify like this.

  • A huge promotion tool

  • A massive discovery opportunity

  • Another social network

  • Extra Income

    Music marketing on spotify has never been simpler, With these spotify playlist promotion techniques. You can really level up your discovery on music streaming platforms.

    So why a full course on Spotify?
    Well I tried looking for some many of the things in this short course, An simply couldn't find good answers. Whats more theres a whole world out there of FAKES, SCAMS and PAYOLA monsters. So navigating that world has been difficult. The thinking being i've hacked away at a clearer path so you can walk it much faster than I did.


Jorge Luis Izquierdo Barrera

"It had very useful tips, Five Stars"

Livia Iusan

"Very helpful! Top Tier Course"

Geovane Bento

"Five Stars, This Helped my students"


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How to set up and manage Spotify for Artists

How to get on official Spotify Playlists

How to approach 3rd party Spotify Playlists

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