$199.00 USD

Complete Guide to Mastering Music

Complete comprehensive course, That includes.

  •  Presets
  •  Projects
  •  Example Music Files
  •  Custom Tonal Curves
  •  Match EQ Curves
  •  Hours of Video Training
  •  Practise Activities
  •  Community Access for Q/A

In Mastering Music we cover

  •  What is mastering
  •  Bit Depths and Sample Rates
  •  File Types
  •  Preparing Sessions
  •  All of the tools inside Ozone 10
  •  Mid Side Processing
  •  Multiband Processing
  •  How to use tools and techniques to fix certain issues
  •  How to master a track step by step
  •  Why true peak is important to note
  •  How bit depth will affect your end result
  •  The best way to export for a streaming release
  •  And so many more topics