Mastering Music The Complete Guide - Using Ozone 10

Mastering music can be a hard process. 
Its that final step in mixing and mastering that can be the final push to making a good track sound great.



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What we're going to do together

In this course is take your from kind of knowing what mastering is to having a complete knowledge of exactly what you should be doing, Fully comprehend what each tool does in Izotope Ozone 10.

By the end of this course you will be able to understand howl to fully master different types of genre for different mediums with a professional workflow.
And when and why to use each tool.

You will be able to take your own music to a level where its ready for commercial release, And even rent out your new skill set for client work as well.

In Mastering Music with Ozone 10 we cover
  • What is mastering
  • Bit Depths and Sample Rates
  • File Types
  • Preparing Sessions
  • All of the tools inside Ozone 10
  • Mid Side Processing
  • Multiband Processing
  • How to use tools and techniques to fix certain issues
  • How to master a track step by step
  • Why true peak is important to note
  • How bit depth will affect your end result
  • The best way to export for a streaming release
  • And so many more topics
If you're new to using Ozone or been here before, There's something here for you as we cover new ground with the latest features available to Ozone with version 10, Applying the latest and most modern mastering techniques.

As Well As The Course You Will Find

Guided Masters

Follow step by step while tracks of multiple genres are mastered with . After you learn all of the functionality and concepts first.

Includes Example Tracks

Get the exact files I work on in the course, So you can dive into the master for yourself in detail and practise

Includes Tonal Curve

Get my personal custom Tonal Balance curve made from my top reference tracks, As a simple download.

Includes The Presets

If you just want to learn from breaking down what has been taught, All the presets are included too.


  • A place where you can communicate with other members in live chat, Post your work.
  • Monthly Q/A Lives Streams
  • Feedback and Help Posts
  • A Dedicated Channel Just For Mastering Questions and Feedback
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Access on Mobile With the App (iOS and Android)
  • Usually $25 a month with WS All Access but lifetime access included with your course purchase

A Bit About Your Tutor

Scott also known as the artist Unders, First started mastering podcast type episodes to be aired on radio back in 2006, Taking edited interviews, Music and Demo's, An making it into a cohesive broadcast ready format. Since then he has spent all his years working in audio and mastering project have taken form of Music for brands like Waves, IK Multimedia & Loopmasters. As well as performance pieces for Brighton art exhibitions. In recent years he has taken to mastering more an more electronic music, Sitting in an learning from the multi platinum winning Mike Cave.

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What's the Course Like?
Here's a Video From the Course

Explaining the function of M/S and how we access it.


Mid-side processing is a technique used in audio mastering that allows the engineer to adjust the balance of the stereo image of a mix. The "mid" channel contains the mono information of the mix (such as vocals and bass), while the "side" channel contains the stereo information (such as the rest of the instruments). By adjusting the levels of the mid and side channels, the engineer can make the mix wider or narrower, change the focus of the mix, or reduce clutter in the stereo field.

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Do I Have To Use Ozone 10?

No, Not at all. We use Ozone 10 because it has a fantastic suite of tools for mastering and gives us consistency in teaching, But you can apply what you will learn to many other options. And there is nothing to stop you using multi other tools while applying the methods and techniques you will learn.

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What Students Are Saying

Brandon Foltz

"Once it got going the course was a great introduction for those of us who learn how to use something new...after we bought it. :) Focuses on music which is not my use case, but is applicable to various scenarios. Good overview!"

Anthony Roze

"Really great course ! I understand so much more the power of ozone and tonal balance. And now I really want to switch my standard version to the advanced!"

Cameron Clark

"This course is a perfect match for me. I've been a musician for decades, but didn't know how to record my own ideas well enough. I'm loving the content in this course, and will probably watch it through over and over"

Lee Walters

"The course is very thorough and getting me around the software! I can't wait to learn more about mastering using the skills I'm learning here"

Timothy Roberts

"Very good! I'm learning a lot, have a much better understanding of how to use Ozone"


James Anthony Ofori-Poku

"Much appreciated for the introduction to mastering as a whole and with one of the most well known tools in the audio processing toolbox."

Varun Harnal

"I have a much better understanding of what i'm doing with my mastering, And using Ozone"

DJ Plink

"4/5 Solid Ozone Course"

Aditya Jadon

"Five Stars"

All The Lessons You Need To Master  Music For You & Your Clients

Complete Course

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  • Step by Step Process
  • Detailed Explanation of tools
  • Match EQ Curves to use
  • Tonal Balance Curves to use
  • Bonus Masters Done Live
  • Files & Projects Included
  • Community Access With App
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Learn how to get from good mixes to amazing finished music