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What We Are Doing

"Warrior Sound is focused on empowering musicians creativity through learning and releasing their music online"

Create Music

Learn the skillsets of music creation in your favourite DAW.

Mix and Master

Master the skills of mixing that transfer over to all softwares, An Mastering techniques for your and client music

Build an Income

Understand the ways in which other artists are making a living from their music

What Do You Want to Improve?

Below are some of the subjects covered in Warrior Sound courses and how they will benefit your music making journey.

Complete Guide To Mastering

Our course is designed for both beginner and advanced producers, with a step-by-step approach that will take you from the basics of mastering to advanced techniques.

You'll have access to our extensive library of mastering examples and practice exercises, so you can apply what you learn to your own projects. Our experienced instructor is available to answer your questions and provide feedback on your work.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to master your music with confidence, and you'll have the skills to make your music sound professional, polished. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, our mastering course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take music to the next level.

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All The Ideas You Need To Monetize Your Music

I Want to show you how to make money with music, There has never been a better time to be an independent musician than right now. The majority of people making great music and that have great skill set to do so are not making the money they deserve.

In this course you will transform from a musician with little understanding of ways you can monetize your music, Into a warrior of the industry

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Get Fans Streaming Your Music

Learn the ways to get your music on streaming services and multiple ways to grow your streaming presence right now. Using these methods i've grown "Unders" to thousands of listeners a month in less than 6 months.

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A complete track from scratch entirely in Logic Pro X

  • Every single step in creating a track 
  • Entirely stock Logic Pro X
  • Project file included
  • Vocals included
  • Match EQ profiles included
  • Right to release and remix included
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All The Tools You Need To Master Xfer Serum

By the end of this course you will be able to understand fully what each tool does in Xfer Serum. And when and why to use each tool.
You will be able to take your own music to a level where its ready, And even rent out your new skill set for client work as well. The ultimate Xfer Serum sound design course, That keeps getting better with new tutorials added regularly.

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What do you want to learn?

Guidance from someone who is actively doing it. 


Electronic music artist & Content creator for Waves AudioIK Multimedia & Music Tech Student and Founder of Warrior Sound.
Scott has produced well over 1000 videos for a variety of company brands all in the niche of audio. Alongside this he produces music under the alias of "Unders" and "Warrior Sound Beats" and has produced a number of artist as well as mixing and mastering duties. Having a deeper understanding of the multiple ways to monetize music he is able to create multiple income streams from a single track.

You can find lot of content over at youtube around various music production subjects

Some Current Students

An what they had to say

Brandon Foltz

"Once it got going the course was a great introduction for those of us who learn how to use something new...after we bought it. :) Focuses on music which is not my use case, but is applicable to various scenarios. Good overview!"

Lee Walters

"The course is very thorough and getting me around the software! I can't wait to learn more about mastering using the skills I'm learning here"

Daniel Fisher-Jones

"Scott not only has the technical knowledge, the business understanding and a whole lot of musical wisdom but he teaches it in such a personal and impactful way. Truly great course and one that really is a huge stepping stone to making a living as an artist"

Anthony Roze

"Really great course ! I understand so much more the power of ozone and tonal balance. And now I really want to switch my standard version to the advanced!"

Jorge Luis Izquierdo Barrera

"It had very useful tips, Five Stars"

Geovane Bento

"Five Stars, This Helped my students"

Livia Iusan

"Very helpful! Top Tier Course"

DJ Plink

"4/5 Solid Ozone 9 Course"

Walter Daniels

"I like the way he is breaking everything down making you understand how many routes you can go to make money in music"

Russell Goodwin

"This is what makes this class so perfect, the material is presented for a novice to an experienced producer"

Matt West

Very good insight into getting started on Spotify, I'm a Techno / IDM producer and have found this invaluable, Thanks Unders!!


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